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Miss Luna's Rules for Sessions

Please read this before contacting me to organize a session!

-If we have never played before, we will have a chat before we commence to go over some ground rules. 

-I operate out of a licensed establishment and I can arrange hotel bookings for a nominal fee.

-House safe words are yellow for "I need to communicate something" and red for "STOP!" If I hear your safe word I will stop immediately.

-Sessions are charged in half hourly and hourly blocks.

-It is illegal to advertise services that I am able to provide. Please contact me privately for a full list of services along with their prices.

-Security measures are in place to protect the both of us should things go awry.

-I only conduct sessions in my place of business and in certain cases, hotels in the general area. Please do not ask to book a session in your home as refusal may offend.

-No pictures or video/audio recording of me may be taken of me during a session. I will take pictures of you as part of a scene or if asked.

- NO MINORS PERMITTED. 18+ only, thank you.

If you have any questions about the rules or my services, please use the chat box to contact me and I will get back to you ASAP.